Increase my profitability

#10 Solve productivity anomalies

The current trend is more about gaining in efficiency rather than lowering pricing. You’ll be able to accomplish that by wisely using data at your disposal and by identifying the right levers to improve productivity.

#11 Control the transport invoicing of my subcontractors

The easiest way to lower costs is to cease payment upon what’s not subject to contract. Analyze your subcontractors invoices properly in order to find any mistake which will allow you to save a lot.

#12 Optimise my commercial development

You have two options: land new customers or increase revenue on your existing portfolio. Best position your offer on the relevant sector of activity with the appropriate pricing. Improve your answers to tenders, the efficiency of your engineering department and your margin monitoring per project. This will assure your revenue to rise while avoiding unwanted surprises.

#13 Run a transport tender

We’re in a context where people worry about capacity so you have to insure and instore sustainable relationships with your subcontractors. A tender should ensure your capacity while maintaining or improving your service quality without demeaning your profitability. Thus, it has to be done in a very rigorous way. All of this implies sourcing and qualification, a right formalisation of your needs, service and capacity commitment and a detailed analysis of rates offers.

#2 Adjust my logistic network

In a moving context, (shippers expectations, urban regulations, the need to be close to customers…) your network of agencies cannot stay unchanged. An ill-adapted network hinders cost optimisation and service quality. Network design leads to challenge the number of your agencies and their catchment area.

#4 Challenge my transport organisation

The performance of an organization relies on its teams, its resources and their put to good use. Reboot your processes, improve the distribution of both roles and responsibility. Identify the best practices taken from inside the business or the market.


They trust us

After several years of strong growth, our logistics organization and sales administration were no longer fully adapted to our customers' expectations. We therefore conducted a complete review of the Order-to-Cash process. This allowed us to identify the target organisation, which helped us to motivate our teams and become more agile.

Brigitte Petit - CEO - Beko France

We have launched a call for tenders regarding our mass retailing flows, with two objectives in mind. First, we wanted to strengthen our customer service through a specific transport plan to respond more efficiently to their needs. Secondly, we wanted to change our pricing model in order to improve our transport offer for our customers. It was a success, both in terms of monitoring and commercial offer.

Ivan Richard - Transport Manager - L'Oréal France

We have been pooling our transport with three industrial counterparts for several years. This has saved us money and even improved our quality of service. But, above all, pooling has transformed relations with our distributor customers. Alone, we were each a simple supplier. Now they see us as true supply chain partners.

Jérôme Thivend - Head of Supply Chain Retail & Professional - Henkel Beauty Care France

To anticipate the evolution of our budgets as well as possible, we must understand the dynamics of the transport markets of the European countries where we are active. To do this, we have been using transport conjuncture notes every year since 2011. It also allows us to remain attentive to regulatory developments and new innovations.

Jérôme Saillour - Transport Leader - Décathlon

Following a full diagnosis, we have largely rethought our transport organisation. In particular, the review of processes has enabled us to make better use of our tools and to better leverage the know-how of our employees. As a result, operations have become much more fluid.

Alexandre Cavallini - Transport Director - Alliance Healthcare France

To secure our contracts and strengthen our growth, we conducted a complete transport diagnosis on the activity of one of our warehouses in the Paris region. A rigorous inventory has provided us with valuable lessons on our performance, which has enabled us to set up a new transport plan. Finally, the study has greatly enriched our reflection on the digitisation of our transport processes.

Laurent Le Goff - CEO - DHL Supply Chain France

We have recently launched a Group-wide cost reduction initiative. Overall, we have achieved good results, except in the Southwestern part of France. We have therefore sought external support to find savings in the redesign of the regional transport plan. The project identified many potential levers that would significantly reduce our transportation costs.

Mélina Rollin - Head of Logistics - DSC, groupe Saint-Gobin

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