Who are we ?

We are a passionate and multinational team of freight transport experts.

We put our expertise and experience at your service in order to assist your teams in solving their issues and challenges regarding transport.

Lower your costs, improve your service quality and serve your CSR policy by optimising your transport while assuring its digital transformation.


We are entirely dedicated to transport.

Our expertise: flow engineering, purchases, digital platforms, transport software and pooling of resources.

Our unique positioning allows us to answer your needs on each and every transport mode, every market segment, all of this regardless of your line of work and your location.


Our strengths

Human capital

80 international experts, 8 nationalities, 9 work languages.


480 projects conducted for 235 clients. 70 new ones on annual average done these past 3 years.


Tens of millions of rates, hundreds of millions of optimised shipments.


The most powerful software on the market for analysis, simulation, data visualisation, anomaly detection and optimisation identification.


A qualified base of 7000 carriers of whom more than a hundred certified by our BEST label.


A market monitoring unit and regular transport related publications.


How we collaborate

Your teams are our partners. We cooperate with them from the start of any project by making a common diagnosis. Then, we develop solutions together throughout our collaboration and are being particularly attentive to transferring our expertise all along the project.

We favour realistic solutions, consistent with the market. Our approach is pragmatic and favors tailored answers/solutions, adapted to your needs and your business organization rather than some miracles remedies.

We put our tools and digital solutions, which are the best on the market, at your disposal in order to make your transport data an asset for you and provide an unprecedented vision on your flows and activity.

Our expertise and the many successes we share with our clients enable us to offer you a range of services remunerated on a full success fee model.


Our team

Alain Borri is a founding partner of bp2r.
Expert in AI and in computer science, he’s a seasoned professional. He previously was a deputy managing director for the Mory group before co-founding bp2r in 2005.

Laurent Recors is a founding partner of bp2r.
After working for the Mory group and Stockalliance, he built and directed the supply chain branch of Masaï. Entrepreneur at heart, he then put his expertise to the use of the creation of bp2r.

Xavier Villetard is a partner of bp2r
After a career in consulting, first, as a senior logistic and IT consultant at PwC then as a project manager in the Supply Chain branch of Masaï, he joined bp2r in 2006..

Luc Chambonnière is a manager at bp2r
He joined PEA Consulting as a senior consultant. He then became the general manager of the engineering and design office departments of the Mory group before joining bp2r in 2015.

Yvan Keller is a manager at bp2r
He previously was the development director of the Webtrans freight exchange. He then became project manager at Mory and then Sage. He joined bp2r in 2011 to be the director of the solution cluster.

Alexandre Vienney is a manager at bp2r.
He first worked for the CAT group then for Faurecia as a project manager before joining Carrefour. He was first a transport and IT consultant, he then became Transport Leader of the French group. He joined bp2r in 2013.