The leading companies of tomorrow are those who have put transportation at the heart of their strategy. Join them.

Freight transportation is a key parameter of the company's performance. At the heart of the challenges of business transformation, engine of competitiveness and differentiation, its optimization can be decisive. Long reduced to costs, it must now extend to quality of service and environmental impact.


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Rather than being simply another transport and logistics consulting firm, bp2r is the European leader in freight transport optimisation. Fully focused on the matter, it provides you with a team of international and multilingual experts, ready to respond to all your freight challenges. With our sector-specific organisation, bp2r is able to offer you a range of consultancy services tailored to your profile: manufacturers, retailers, agricultural cooperatives, carriers, etc.

We partner with you in reducing the operational costs of your supply chain, improving your delivery service, and reducing your freight operations carbon emissions.

To help you design your logistics networks or optimise your freight flow plans, we bring you our know-how in flow engineering.

Our procurement specialists can help you define your specifications, source your carriers and conduct your transport tenders.

If you wish to carry out a review of your transport department, we can conduct a complete audit and help you define a target organisation (people, processes and tools).

Finally, we can work together to meet the major strategic challenges you are facing in the freight industry: omnicanality, decarbonisation of the activity, whether or not via the Fret21 scheme, or digital transformation of the transport industry: roadmap, diagnosis and call for tender.

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Our many past successes allow us to offer you a successful pay model for certain types of support.

Our teams work with you to deliver common results. Our state-of-the-art digital practices provide phenomenal computing power to process your data and an unprecedented view of your workflows and activities.

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